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Hi. My name is Sam and I am a coder.

Well, I’m onto much stronger stuff than coding. I build solutions (cheesy, I know). Specifically, I specialise in IBM BPM — building process applications and supporting code/scripts/stuff that goes hand in hand with those projects. I’ve been doing it for (coming up to) the last six and a half years.

In my spare time, I’m big into web development using the the Node.js ecosystem. Specifically React (and its ecosystem). And all the ‘full stack’ as well. If you want the full list, check out my LinkedIn profile - for more information please contact me directly via one of the methods in the sidebar.

I do have a life outside of building enterprise stuff…but this place is where I’ll be making posts about technical stuff in my life.

So maybe you’ll see:

  • IBM BPM-related solutions, tips, howtos, sample code
  • Small projects I’m working on
  • Micro-posts about stuff I find interesting

In other words: things every other technical blog would have.